How to Find a Fuck Buddy?


Getting a fuck buddy can seem like a difficult challenge. The problem is finding another person who wants to have "no strings attached" sex. This however may not be as hard as you think. Many people are too busy to have a committed relationship with another. Examples of these people can be those starting or trying to start a career, students, or people who work many many hours and would be unavailable to a significant other. Other people may just not like relationships and choose to only be in "no strings attached" relationships with people exclusively. People interested in regular casual sex can be found wherever other people are found: at bars, night clubs, the mall, online, etc. For example, if you are at a night club the goal is to go home with someone that would be interested in having sex with you, it is best to act in a "one night stand" manner. This is where both persons (or 3, ha) are not trying to get to know each other deeply and romantically but just are horny and want to leave the club to head back to someone's place to have sex. If it is a stranger, obviously it is important to get the persons phone number or contact info in order to be able to do this again and not have it be just a one night stand. However it is important to watch out for the other person's perception of the relationship. If you feel like the other person is interested in you romantically it is important to put your feelings of the situation on the table. This doesn't need to be done in a harsh way. State it in a casual, nice way. It may seem weird to talk about being fuck buddies with the other person as if you're talking about the weather, but it is being responsible person and ensures that both people are on the same page. Remember, this should be fun for BOTH people. It is important to not mis-lead someone you've been fucking on a regular basis into thinking that you like them romantically when all you want is sex. Not only is it immature and childish but it is fucked up, especially when it could of been easily avoided. Also, your now ex sex partner will tell others of your ways. Thus ruining your reputation. One increasingly growing way to find a fuck buddy is via Craigslist has a section devoted to "no strings attached" relationships called "casual encounters." Here people set up ads stating that they are specifically looking for "no strings attached" sex in their city or neighborhood. This is very useful because it clearly states that the goal is casual sex and nothing more. Again, it is important to have both people in agreement and on the same page or else a lot of drama and hurt feelings can unfold as the fuck buddy relationship progresses.

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